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We Are

Incluskivity is a non-profit based on the unsurrendered land of the Squamish and Lil’Wat first nations that aims to create psychologically safe spaces for women and gender diverse folks of colour to connect with each other and nature through backcountry snow sports. 


While cost is a large barrier to entry when it comes to snow sports, a lesser discussed barrier is a sense of belonging. Through curating spaces for folks who have a baseline of similar lived experiences and understanding of one another, participants can shed the weight that the fear of belonging bears when they bring themselves to our programs and focus on connecting with their bodies, the land, and each other. 


Throughout the winter, people can partake in a variety of backcountry courses, from Intro to Backcountry to Avalanche Safety Trainings, and more, at an extremely subsidized rate.

Meet Indra

Indra is a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional based in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and is the founder of Incluskivity. She started Incluskivity in December 2020 when she was feeling a lack of belonging in the ski community herself. Never able to bring her full self to the snow, she wondered how many others felt trapped between a love for skiing and a deep desire to be seen and known that the community was not fulfilling. Incluskivity was born out of a longing for community, a need for psychological safety, and a yearning to be able to arrive at the mountain as solely herself, untethered to her intersecting identities and the boxes that people unconsciously put her in. 


She is self proclaimed “aggressively average at most things,” and finds joy in teaching folks how to do things that she loves, like skiing and skateboarding. For over a decade she has been building community around things that she loves, and while it largely started out as a way to create spaces of belonging for herself when she couldn’t find them, these communities that have grown have become so much bigger than the person that started them.


“Incluskivity is a special space for BIPOC folks. The transparency and softer moments from the people I've met through this group made the Intro to Backcountry clinic memorable experience where we were learning, sharing hopes/fears in our backcountry goals, and fostering a welcoming space for different skill levels.”

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